Monday, November 05, 2007

November in Oxford

Although it feels as if we are moving along slowly, it is already November, and the semester is growing short. For the last few weeks, several ASAP members have worked hard to recruit a new group of students to travel to Tanzania. The EDL course that we organized last year is also in the works of being revived. This week we have interviews, and all participants will know before thanksgiving break whether or not they will have the opportunity to travel to our school in Tanzania. We had so many applications, I was blown away. Sometimes I have to kick myself, and realize how far this organization has come. In terms of who to pick, these decisions are extremely hard for the interviewers to make.

On one hand, we want strong and experienced leaders like the ones in the past who are able to carry on the difficult mission we face. On the other hand, we want young energy and new ideas. Who on earth will be willing to dedicate as much time and passion into this? Frankly, I wish I knew the answer to that. Leadership is something that I have come to treasure. I regret that I will leave this close knit group I rely on at Miami, but I do have unrelenting faith in the next generation of ASAP volunteers. I wish I could stay....

By the way, here are some pictures of Richard Allen Academy where we are conducting a 4-week after school program to send letters to Ngyeku Primary School in Tanzania.

It has proved to be a great way to engage volunteers in meaningful and semi-local work.
It is also a new way to benefit our school in Tanzania as well.
Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of our work!

ASAP Love,


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