Sunday, September 09, 2007

Semester Update

Tuesday of this week we will have elections for the new Executive Board.
The nominations are as follows:
President - Alyssa Gordos, Kelissa Hieber
Vice President - Tim Wietlispach, Alyssa Gordos
Treasurer - Katie Kraska, Laura Vrana
Secretary - Rachel Napoli

We are working with Ambassadors for Children to host the event:
"Speaking of Africa..." September 26 1-5 pm Shriver Multipurpose Rooms (B and C)
We will have 2 speakers, and then both organizations will have a powerpoint presentation about our trips to Tanzania and Malawi. We are happy to be working with AFC to showcase the wonderful work that has been done this past year.

Our committees so far this semester include:

Media and Documentation - contact Laura Vrana
Fundraising - contact Rachel Napoli
Donor Letter Writing - contact Courtney Tucker

These next few things are all just ideas at this point, but they are well on their way to being planned for this semester and next.
1) Invisible Children - speakers and documentary
2) Charity Dinner with a speaker from Sudan
3) Silent Auction
4) A.S.A.P. - the movie ;)

We hope to see even more new members come to our meetings this semester, thank you for your time and help!

Meredith Poff
Outgoing A.S.A.P. President

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