Monday, June 18, 2007

Tanzania 2007

"Everything you never knew that you always wanted..."

Located between the breathtaking views of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Among the rural communities of Ngyeku and Sakila

A.S.A.P. discovered its new home in Tanzania this summer

For one month, we lived at Holy Mountain Lodge, so named after the small mountain that the locals hike up regularly to camp and pray.

Six or seven of the volunteers hiked up Holy Mountain, and one stayed overnight. It is a steep climb, and there isn't a whole lot to see, but we considered it a victory to get to the top nonetheless. It requires endurance and arm strength to launch yourself up this big hill using roots and weeds so you don't slide back down. If you stay overnight, you will hear many locals coming to pray out loud and theres potential for loud drumming as well. Don't plan to get much sleep, because there are an abundance of noises and small critters to keep you company.

Sakila Secondary School, where TJ, Alyssa, Charlotte, Jessie, and Chris taught - is located at the foot of Holy Mountain. It has approximately 300 students.

Maggie, Kelsey, Meredith, Lynn, and Hilary all taught at Ngyeku Primary School. It has 13 classrooms, and 1000 students from grades 1-7.

It was at Ngeyku that we taught valuable lessons such as "How to Limbo"...and English Instructional classes as well ;)

The staff and all of the locals added a very positive element to our trip, as they were more than willing to take us on walks, show us how to make food and wash clothes, braid hair, carve and collect food from the surrounding areas. They truly won our hearts and we will never forget the energy that they put forth every day to make our experience memorable.

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