Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This is Tanesha and I at La Yahoushua School, where ASAP donated many books and supplies. Here we are presenting the books to Theodora, the schoolmistress. She was amazing, even going to the bookstore with us to pick out what she thought would be best.

The children at the school danced for us, and there was much to celebrate!

Here is a classroom at the school...not too shabby!

This student wrote and recited a poem for us called "My Book"

It was very moving and also quite hilarious. We encountered many of these mixed emotions on the trip. Do you laugh? Do you cry? Do you give up? Do you set new goals....(yes!)

This is Tanesha (Miami) and Kenneth (from NYU study abroad) at La Yahoushua having a great time watching the dancing, singing, and poetry.

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